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Blog Posts

Spanish River Carbonatite

Posted by Mike Higgs on September 4, 2018 at 5:32am 0 Comments

I was given a couple of sample packets of Spanish River Carbonatite - http://borealagrominerals.ca//products/index.html#analysis. The next season I tried it and was blown away by the results. Now everything I grow gets SRC (and Myke).

Organic Gardening At Home

Posted by Joseph Decicco on July 12, 2018 at 11:28am 0 Comments

We are blessed in Southern Arizona with a very mild climate, as well as giving me guilt nowadays as I track the awful weather that is hammering the northern part of us states this month. But even up there, and all within the nation, we adequate of an import-export food industry that can get many foods all year long.

Who doesn't love chicken eggs? Have them boiled, scrambled, sunny side up, etc. Admit it, pets that live comfortably inside your home don't give anything…


Apologies for Phishing!

Posted by Joanna Campe on June 1, 2018 at 7:47am 0 Comments

Dear members,

I am afraid that you will have received some spam recently from Elizabeth Waves and for that, my apologies! 

It's very tricky to have high security which makes it harder to become a member, and also at the same time, keep out all the bots and spam. 

As soon as I see a new member, if they look suspicious and particularly have not uploaded a photo, then I'll be more active in blocking them and suspending them as soon as possible. 




Posted by Stephane Losier on June 1, 2018 at 6:24am 2 Comments


If anyone need any basalt rock dust for gardening, lawn, farming, etc... HUPLASO is a new product from Canada…



The Drought Myth: An Absence of Water is Not the Problem

Started by Steven Dewitt. Last reply by Michael Richard Palmacci May 22. 3 Replies

When we keep breaking heat records, and when droughts are being classified as national emergencies, it seems appropriate to make some observations on the crop disasters under what is commonly called…Continue

Foliage Spray

Started by Chris Heathcote. Last reply by Michael Richard Palmacci May 22. 6 Replies

Greetings I am wanting to know if any of the members are using rock dust as a foliage spray?I spoke to a farmer who used it and said it damaged his pistons in his pump? Is there another type of…Continue

Rock Dust!

Started by Joanna Campe. Last reply by Michael Richard Palmacci May 22. 14 Replies


Finding and utilizing local sources of rock dust

Started by Joanna Campe. Last reply by Michael Richard Palmacci May 22. 11 Replies

This is a discussion facilitated by Tom Vanacore.  Please feel free to ask questions and respond with your  experience and know-how.Continue

Tags: sources, local, dust, Rock


Welcome to our online community!

On behalf of the staff at RTE, welcome!  Please join our active and dynamic forum and global community. Joining our online social community is free of charge and everyone is welcome. As members, we are inviting you to start some blogs and forum topics, mention your projects, and list your events. We look forward to your participation! Join Now!!   

A special note:  I may suspend your membership if I am concerned it's not a  membership of good intention, especially if you have not uploaded a photograph. Please contact me through the website if I make a mistake and you wish to join again. Even putting up a photograph does not seem to be a deterrent, so please contact me if I delete you so that you can join again, if you want to authentically be part of the community, authenticate your interest in some way! :-)

Most recent spam on 9/3/18! I just got tech support and I think we may have solved this problem! I certainly hope so.

Also, if you would like to get a hold of me personally, I recommend that you contact me directly through the website, rather than here. That's at info@remineralize.org. Thank you!

Exciting features

  • If you’re new to remineralization, you can get the answers to your questions in the forum
  • Share blog posts, photos and videos of your experiences with remineralization (scientific or anecdotal)
  • Network with other gardeners, farmers and scientists
  • Form groups in your area or country
  • Add links to relevant articles
  • Continue expanding our knowledge, networking base, and support of a worldwide grassroots movement dedicated to soil remineralization and stabilizing the climate

 Spreading the word

Remineralization is one of the most important missions on the planet at this time.  Together, we can remineralize gardens, farms, orchards, landscapes, and forests.  We can grow nutrient-dense food and improve the nutrition and well-being of all life. 

We can move from an economics of scarcity to an economics of abundance, as rocks and sea minerals are the most abundant resources on earth. Finely ground rock dust is a byproduct available at low cost all over the world to remineralize soils and forests and stabilize the climate. As a global community, we can transform this vision into reality.

We wish to facilitate communication, to incubate projects and initiatives of all kinds and to get news about them onto our main website from here. If you have observations and reflections about remineralization, we encourage you to start a blog. 

 Become an RTE member

Please give serious consideration to supporting Remineralize the Earth by becoming a member of our organization. Your contributions will go a long way in helping us to fulfill our mission. Your donation will go towards initiating projects worldwide such as:

  • Initiate a large scale agroforestry project in Cameroon that provides food, fuel and income to local communities
  • Partner with local organizations such as Grow Food Northampton to remineralize community gardens
  • Support our research project in Massachusetts utilizing rock dust and biochar to sequester carbon as a key strategy to stabilize the climate
  • Launch our scientific research database
  • Launch a world map and directory of mineral sources
  • Promote educational programs and class projects in which students contribute research to our worldwide database

We envision transforming the future with thriving farms and gardens that produce abundant healthy nutrient-dense food, exuberant forests, and a stable climate through remineralization.

For a green and remineralized Earth,

Joanna Campe,
Executive Director


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Spanish River Carbonatite

I was given a couple of sample packets of Spanish River Carbonatite - http://borealagrominerals.ca//products/index.html#analysis. The next season I tried it and was blown away by the results. Now everything I grow gets SRC (and Myke).See More
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