Rock Dust month onDont Panic Its Organic - radio with andy Lopez Invisible Gardener


Sorry for the late announcement. I have been busy with local fires and real life. 

Please listen and or call into my radio show

this month is rock dust month. I am hoping to get Joanna on as a guest and anyone else from this group

show is on today at 1 pm and every sat

Dont Panic Its Organic - radio

Thanks and I will be coming here more often!

andy Lopez

aka Invisible Gardener

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Comment by Joanna Campe on March 2, 2019 at 5:26pm

Sorry, I was not able to join you today! I have a tech issue to sort out with my computer and sound quality. I normally have a lot of meetings on Skype, and it's not working and I'm still troubleshooting. We will try to do it soon.



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