SeaAgri customers using SEA-90® Fertilizer and Livestock Essential Element Mineral report higher profits, increased crop production, plus outstanding pasture and herd improvements.

At an extraordinary affordable cost SEA-90 natural sea minerals replenish

complex minerals and trace elements known to be deficient in our soils,

crops, pasture grasses and livestock. Complete mineral availability results

in increased production, improved soil and gut biology, increased nutrient

density values, and healthier livestock. SEA-90 is not a mineral mined from

old sea beds but rather created from fresh natural sea water several times

each year.

This powerful and unique sea mineral product is utilized in the production

of all crops and livestock in five low cost methods with outstanding results.

First, offer all livestock and poultry SEA-90 Essential Element Mineral free

choice and add to daily ration. Second, broadcast SEA-90  Natural

Fertilizer in the late fall on pasture, crop land, small fruits, fruit and nut

trees and allow to melt into the soil. Third, dissolve SEA-90  Fine Grind

Foliar Fertilizer in fresh water and apply as liquid row support for all crops

when planting. Forth apply foliar applications of dissolved SEA-90  Fine

Grind Fertilizer on all food crops and fruit trees by-weekly and at green up

to pasture and hay. And fifth, add SEA-90  Natural Fertilizer to compost

and compost tea to significantly increase microbial activity. Livestock

producers, dairymen and farmers of all crops report increased protein and

digestibility of grain, pasture and hay and increased yields of all crops,

pasture and hay. When integrated in livestock mineral programs, cattlemen

report positive improvement in cattle hair coat characteristics, reduced fly

pressure, pink eye and calf scours.

SEA-90 sea mineral enriched grains, pastures, hay and feed are often

favored by all livestock over what is conventionally grown and produced.

Incorporation of SEA-90  Fertilizer and Essential Element Mineral into

farm fertilizer and mineral programs may result in improved livestock

conception rates, earlier maturation, and heavier and stronger weight ratio

per pound of feed.

SEA-90  Fertilizer and Essential Element Mineral is totally natural and

OMRI® listed for the organic production of all crops and livestock.

To learn more about SEA-90 and its applications for grass fed beef and

both organic and conventional agriculture visit our web site at


Contact Robert Cain at  770-361-7003 email

SeaAgri, inc. PO Box 88237 Dunwoody GA 30356.

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