xrd analysis of stonedust I need help


Can anyone help me with understanding this xrd analysis? It does not make sense to me, basically what i want to know is whether or not the stonedust is adequately rich in trace minerals and if it would be suitable for remineralization of soil. If anyone could guide me to the nessecary books etc. that could help me understand such an xrd analysis I would appreciate it a lot, thanks!

The analysis is attached in two parts below as links. 



Kind regards Rune

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Comment by Victor Koekkoek on September 14, 2017 at 12:07pm

Dear Rune, what you need is a so-called XRF analysis. An XRD will only tell you what type of minerals the rock dust is composed of. This mineral composition is still very interesting as some minerals weather more easily than others. If you combine that info with the particle size distribution you can make an assessment whether you have a fast or slow working rock dust in terms of nutrient release over time. Forsterite is for example fast, albite and anorthoclase are slower. 


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