My RTE Volunteer Experience Through Two and a Half Years

   Two and a half years ago, I started my volunteer work here at Remineralize The Earth. I was already interested in environment protection through my family travels to National Parks across the world, and I was also passionate about website design and development, so my role as a volunteer webmaster was a perfect match.

   Although I was unfamiliar with remineralization when I first joined, it didn’t take me long for me to immerse myself in their mission of one day making remineralization known and utilized throughout the world. In addition to helping with website maintenance since I started my work with RTE, I have started using remineralization in my family vegetable garden, started a Remineralization Committee at my high school’s Environmental Impact Club to increase publicity (, and conducted a research project at my school’s Chemical Analysis and Nanochemistry Senior Research Laboratory, where I evaluated the potential of remineralization as an antidote to Colony Collapse Disorder in honeybees.  

   I have a dream that one day, remineralization will become widespread and used worldwide to provide a healthy, sustainable future for our planet, and I hope to continue my work with our passionate Executive Director, Joanna, and the rest of the wonderful RTE team to make this a reality. 

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