Hello and update from Don Weaver, co-author of THE SURVIVAL OF CIVILIZATION


Thanks to Joanna Campe for creating a new Forum/Community for Remineralize the Earth. I am joining in on her request so my knowledge and potential wisdom gained from 35 years of working for soil remineralization and Earth Regeneration might be shared with more of you. While I'm quite busy with various projects and responsibilities, not all related specifically to the need to remineralize the Earth, I will try to make time to participate here and make useful contributions. In case you aren't aware, THE SURVIVAL OF CIVILIZATION (1982) by John Hamaker and myself, and the follow-up book TO LOVE AND REGENERATE THE EARTH (2002) are still available as free e-books in the Agriculture section of the Soil and Health Library: www.soilandhealth.org. My 2011 e-book, REGENERATE THE EARTH!, is being sold for $12 by David Klein's here at his health-oriented website, http://www.vibranthealthandwealth.com/bookstore/bookstore-individua...  

My latest articles are published in his Vibrance e-magazine. The last one on Regenerative Veganic Gardening (I happen to have been a "raw food vegan" organic rock-dusting gardener the last 35 years since age 21) will appear soon and a version was published in the latest issue of Vegetarian Voice magazine from the North American Vegetarian Society. Incidentally, I'm not posting a photo of myself nor of my current mineralized veggie/fruit garden today because my old iMac computer has gone goofy and will not allow attachments. I'm saving up for a new computer for Autumn...

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