Comments on Michelle Obama's AMERICAN GROWN book

This 2012 book is subtitled, The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America. I got it from the library after seeing it prominently displayed at local Whole Foods stores. Although, as I mentioned in my 16-pg. 2009 "Open Letter to the Obamas and We the People," there was at least initially some use of rock dust along with compost in the White House garden, I didn't see anything more about remineralization in reading and perusing this volume. I enjoyed the photos of kids and adults working and learning in the White House and other gardens featured, and as a fan of eating foods raw, liked the "Fresh from the Garden" story about kids actually liking raw garden produce when given a chance (p. 127). On p. 174-75 is found Lt. General Mark Hertling's "A Challenge for All of Us" which gives further insight into the demineralization and malnutrition affecting most people including those in the U.S. military. He says that "most of our soldiers have brittle bones, and 62 percent of our new soldiers need significant dental repair to their teeth before they can deploy." (Loading them up with silver-mercury amalgams?) He goes on to say, "And while in 2004, only 4 percent of male recruits and 10.5 percent of female recruits failed the Army's Entry Physical Fitness Test ... by 2010 those numbers had exploded: 46.7 percent of males and 54.6 percent of females were failing that exact same test." Also, "In 2008, at Ft. Jackson alone, we had 135 cases of major femoral bone and hip injuries. These injuries cost $100,000 to $300,000 each to repair and in some cases, they even end a soldier's career." Perhaps a new career in remineralization-based eco-agriculture can be one option awaiting these individuals?

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