I just updated a blog post on "Wood Chips & Rock Dust." Please take a look and let me know if you think my soil-building strategy is sound. Thank you!


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Dear Troy,

I must apologize! Being an all volunteer-based organization, I can get quite overwhelmed and I didn't follow all the activity that was going on here and I only received a notice around moderating this today! The same with the entry just before yours.  When I have a good team of volunteer/work study students for this coming year, I would like to ask each of them to spend at least a half hour each week here on the ning, so that it will thrive and have the kind of prompt interactive responses that I should have.

Your blog is great. I just read it and I would love to know the results that you had and it would be even better if you had a control. As far as the wood chips, what kind of trees, given that deciduous trees would be more alkaline and coniferous trees would be more acidic? 

Please write a follow up on the results that you got this year and we can definitely consider that as an article for the website.

Happy remineralizing!


Remineralize the Earth

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