The Drought Myth: An Absence of Water is Not the Problem

When we keep breaking heat records, and when droughts are being classified as national emergencies, it seems appropriate to make some observations on the crop disasters under what is commonly called “drought.” We may well study some of the factors concerned beside the weather records and the meteorological parameters. In place of using these extended rain-free periods as the alibi, perhaps a more complete analysis of the situation will exhibit the soil as a contributing factor. Perhaps through it there may be some means of mitigating the disastrous effects associated with what is commonly called “drought.”

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Hello Steven,

Just by reading a portion of the article that you've shared with us, I would respond by saying that an "absence" of water is a problem worthy of attention. Water is a resource that we need in our lives, and it would do us well to learn how to store, cleanse and reuse water on a local level. Now that I'm learning about remineralization and biochar, I'm wondering how a Rain Garden can be healthier and more effective by adding a unique combination of natural elements.

You need to read the whole article. It is quite good. Basically it is saying remineralisation is an important part of drought proofing.

Great article and it explains why leaf mold works so well as a method to prevent drought in plants. 

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