Radiation Protection, Bioremediation and Treatment with Rock Dust

Discussion of ways to protect  yourself from radiation, treat radiation sickness and bioremediation of soils that have been exposed to radiation.

Please reference this article on the website:

From Chernobyl to Japan: Treating Radiation Sickness with Rock Dust 


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I had a wonderful time reading through the blog you published back on May 24 of 2012. I heard the word "Chernobyl" before, yet this is my first time reading an article that would explain the depths of what took place. Throughout the entire article, my attention increased when you raised the question asking how rock dust can lower levels of radiation in the body. To a skeptical person this would seem "too good to be true," yet your article continues to give us hope and confirmation as to the value of rock dust, and the abundance of minerals it contains.

From a credibility standpoint, I was delighted to find out that a fellow RTE team member Kevin Bay described in his own words what he noticed from some of the observations of David Yarrow's blog published back in 2006. Because of David's incredible observations, I have a new found interest and appreciation for "Dairy Microbiology." Going forward, I developed another appreciation for the following quotation from your article:

Quote ...

"To achieve maintenance of homeostasis, biological organisms use highly organized structures, intricately designed from a diverse set of molecular and atomic building blocks to carry out the many tasks involved in healthy functioning. Metal ions such as minerals and trace elements are used in biological systems for such important tasks as catalyzing biological reactions and stabilizing complex protein structures. This is why it is so important for any biological system to have access to a broad spectrum of minerals and trace elements. It is also one of the root causes of radiation sickness, as the destructive atomic forces of radioactive particles alter natural metal ions, damaging the delicate biological structures in which they play an integral part.

The intelligence of Nature tends to work to maintain health. Life on earth has evolved systems to selectively incorporate healthy minerals and trace elements into biological structures, and to repair the damage done by low levels of radiation, which is a common phenomenon even in Nature. Plants, for example, will selectively uptake healthy metals over radioactive particles if given the choice. However, under high levels of radioactive stress such as those encountered during a nuclear disaster, those systems become stressed and cannot cope with the damage, resulting in radiation sickness. Replenishing these systems with remineralized foods or a finely ground rock dust supplement is an important part of coping with this unprecedented radioactive stress."

End Quote

As I conclude my appreciation for the quote listed above, my love of language could not help by pay attention to the beautiful language that David Yarrow used to describe what takes place in nature. The 8 key phrases listed below are "sound bytes" of appreciation for the way that everything was described in such a beautiful manner. Near the end of the quotation, I appreciate the fact that David Yarrow mentioned the value of "finely ground rock dust." While our bodies can not digest rocks, I understand that soil can absorb minerals from rock dust, which will eventually cause the soil to become more fertile. With that being said, I see the value of using Social Media to help other people learn about RTE. As of this writing, I want to make a commitment Joanna to promote this Social Network to my audience on Facebook. Instead of simply "liking" this resource, I want to see how many people I can influence to actually join this Social Network, so that they can actively participate and contribute feedback to various conversations. I personally adore the fact that this Social Network has a focus on the mission of RTE. Take care and make it a great day.

- Highly organized structures
- Biological systems
- Stabilizing complex protein structures
- Minerals and trace elements
- The intelligence of Nature
- Systems that selectively incorporate healthy minerals and trace elements into biological structures
- Finely ground rock dust
- Coping with unprecedented radioactive stress

Hi William,

My apologies for not replying. I incredibly appreciate your response to this article and yes, David Yarrow has an amazing way with words!

I am actually looking for a volunteer for social media for the organization at the moment and perhaps you would like to consider volunteering with us.

This online community has been set up and somehow I am not receiving the kinds of emails I should be receiving to  online activity such as yours and because we are an all volunteer-based organization I am often pretty overwhelmed with many different aspects of development and efforts to bring our organization to the next level as a fully funded organization. This is so important for being able to continue into the future.

I appreciate the nuance of your observations and insights and do consider getting in touch with me and becoming part of our team.

It's great to have your networking here  and the networking that you are doing on Facebook and perhaps we could collaborate a little more closely? Perhaps you would like to write an article for us?

My very best,


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