I have recently become aware of the necessity of Rock dust in the garden and I have found a local source of rock dust. I live in Kansas and the rock around here is all limestone.

From my initial research I find that limestone is primarily composed of two carbonates and limestone dust alters ph.

Does anyone have any advice on the mineral composition of limestone rockdust and how it compares to AZOMITE. Would you recommend the use of Limestone rock dust in the garden? 

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So sorry not to reply to this. I do not get emails sent to me alerting me to questions here at the forum. In the future I will try to respond.

I know this is a very long time ago that  asked this question, but for those who want to take a look and discuss it, limestone is similar to liming, only better and has a broader spectrum of minerals. There is no comparison to the product AZOMITE which has a very broad spectrum of minerals and trace elements. You can often use a combination, the first addition to adjust the pH and you definitely want to add the broader spectrum to the soils there, considering that you only have limestone and are probably missing them. also, for your information the harder silicate rock dust such as this product will also adjust the pH, but you'll be adding smaller amounts and if you add the limestone first that could be a good way to go.

Of course, if you are an organic grower there may be other ways that you are enhancing the quality of the soil but  rock dust will greatly improves the fertility and nutrient density of the plants.

Joanna Campe

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