I have just joined this forum and have just ordered my first delivery of volcanic rock dust. I have been a small gardener for years but now I have had two fairly successful years of growing my own organic veggies. I have been adding a small amount of Epsom salts to my garden and I know that magnesium isn't the only mineral that is missing from the soil. I have some budgerigars and give them a mineralised grit called Versa laga of which I have more than I need. I was wondering if it would be OK to sprinkle some of this around the garden as well as the volcanic rock dust. It contains some coral, oyster shell and granite but being a very small grit would take longer to break down and be useful. Would anyone recommend I use some and at what rate if it would help. Looking forward to getting some replies.


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Hi Roy,

I am not familiar at all with the use of epsom salts, certainly adding the coral oyster shell and granite as a small grit would be fine. I can't recommend a rate for that product. It will be adding more texture to the soil. You have to expect that it will be breaking down over the long term. 

My best,



I have purchased the intelligent gardener and silimar books on soil testing.

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