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Apologies for Spam!

Hi members,

I am afraid that you will have received some spam recently from Sophie Ryers and for that, my apologies! 

It's very tricky to have high security which makes it harder to become a member, and also at the same time, keep out all the bots and spam. 

As soon as I see a new member, if they look suspicious and particularly have not uploaded a photo, then I'll be more active in blocking them and suspending them as soon as possible. 

My best,



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My RTE Volunteer Experience Through Two and a Half Years

   Two and a half years ago, I started my volunteer work here at Remineralize The Earth. I was already interested in environment protection through my family travels to National Parks across the world, and I was also passionate about website design and development, so my role as a volunteer webmaster was a perfect match.

   Although I was unfamiliar with remineralization when I first joined, it didn’t take me long for me to immerse myself in their mission of one day making…


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Article: "Regenerative organic agriculture puts soil health front and center"

I came across this article entitled "Regenerative organic agriculture puts soil health front and center" today.

I work with organic farmers every day (in fact, I was on 2 organic farms today!) and…


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xrd analysis of stonedust I need help


Can anyone help me with understanding this xrd analysis? It does not make sense to me, basically what i want to know is whether or not the stonedust is adequately rich in trace minerals and if it would be suitable for remineralization of soil. If anyone could guide me to the nessecary books etc. that could help me understand such an xrd analysis I would appreciate it a lot, thanks!

The analysis is attached in two parts below as links. …


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Online gardening course opportunity

Hi all,

An email I received today that I thought to share with you!

Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions!

Joanna and RTE

Valentine's Day is here. This is the day popular culture celebrates love with kisses, chocolate, gifts and cards. Retail outlets are happy to sell us anything we need for that special day. Slick marketers create unique products or prices to commemorate "love"!

Meanwhile here I sit in Minnesota looking out the…


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Interesting Article

One of the projects I am working on is in Nigeria and utilizing rock dust as part of the soil remediation process from oil spills. I came across an article today that shows how much devastation is being done here in Nigeria due to poor oil industry regulations, little clean up responsibility and accountability by the oil companies, and the desperate need for this to change.…


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SeaAgri customers using SEA-90® Fertilizer and Livestock Essential Element Mineral report higher profits, increased crop production, plus outstanding pasture and herd improvements.

At an extraordinary affordable cost SEA-90 natural sea minerals replenish

complex minerals and trace elements known to be deficient in our soils,

crops, pasture grasses and livestock. Complete mineral availability results

in increased production, improved soil and gut biology, increased nutrient

density values, and healthier livestock. SEA-90 is not a mineral mined from

old sea beds but rather created from fresh natural sea water several times



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Hi Everyone!

My name is Keely and I'm volunteering for RTE by coordinating the organization's social media. I'll be working on spreading the word and increasing our online presence, as well as promoting the Valley Gives campaign in this next month. Hopefully with more awareness, we can drive more people to our donations page and encourage them to join the movement! I should be figuring out the PM system and everything in this next week, but please let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas to grow…


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Grow Your Own Nutrient-Dense Food with Tower Gardens!

If aeroponic gardening utilizes a natural source of a broad spectrum of minerals and trace elements, it allows nutrient-dense food to be available in areas that might otherwise be food deserts.

For instance, the Chicago O'Hare airport recently introduced vertical towers to make freshly…


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Remineralization In The Florence Community Gardens!

remineralize_final2 Watch this video of remineralization taking place last spring in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts! Here, rock dust is shown being added to the soil. When used to gardening, rock dust and been proven to increase the nutrients and vitality of gardens and plants. To learn…


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Comments on Michelle Obama's AMERICAN GROWN book

This 2012 book is subtitled, The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America. I got it from the library after seeing it prominently displayed at local Whole Foods stores. Although, as I mentioned in my 16-pg. 2009 "Open Letter to the Obamas and We the People," there was at least initially some use of rock dust along with compost in the White House garden, I didn't see anything more about remineralization in reading and perusing this volume. I enjoyed the photos of kids…


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Hello and update from Don Weaver, co-author of THE SURVIVAL OF CIVILIZATION


Thanks to Joanna Campe for creating a new Forum/Community for Remineralize the Earth. I am joining in on her request so my knowledge and potential wisdom gained from 35 years of working for soil remineralization and Earth Regeneration might be shared with more of you. While I'm quite busy with various projects and responsibilities, not all related specifically to the need to remineralize the Earth, I will try to make time to participate here and make useful contributions. In case…


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Don Weaver Interview

Don Weaver Interview

More coming!

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