I am wanting to know if any of the members are using rock dust as a foliage spray?

I spoke to a farmer who used it and said it damaged his pistons in his pump? 

Is there another type of pump,

Secondly rock dust does not dilute completely in water and needs to be kept in suspension?

Please can anyone assist.


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Roller pumps don't do well with abrasive material in my experience. A good back pack mist blower work well on a modest scale (solo 450, or stihl model which I prefer). These do not use pumps but rather empty by gravity. Also, material should be micronized and always premix in another container. Of course, I'm speaking mainly of foliar application with these mist blowers.

Have you considered working with sea solid products that can be added to water? Please check our resource directory online.


Please send me information. It is the second time in two days that sea solids have been brought to my attention.


Hi Chris,

If you go to the resource directory on our website, I am sure you will see at least two companies and you can also Google.  You can also speak to those companies directly about foliar sprays. I am hoping to have  a student or a group of students soon who will devote their time here on ning!  At least two companies that are coming to mind: Ocean Grown  and Sea- Agri. Please get back to us and let us know what happens!


I think you should be considering a sea-based product such as some of the companies listed in the resource directory listing  on the website.


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